This is a mutlifunctional personal page. I use it to share public aspects of my life and occasionally publish technical articles. The site is served by linode, a site that provides high quality virtual private linux servers. The code for most of the site is hosted publically by the folks at github, a place for programmers to share open source projects and easily collaborate with others. Finally, the DNS is handled by cloudflare.


Critical thinking and the scientific process have intrigued me from an early age. When I was in seventh grade my friend and I entered a science fair with a project which involved writing code to estimate the landing distance of model rockets away from the launch site. I called it the "Rocket Trajectory Mapper," and it was written in Liberty Basic. Although my code was far from useful or interesting, the process that I used to compose it— my first non-trivial program which was reviewed by a third party— would stay with me to this day. Since then, I have developed my understanding of machines and science significantly.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Penn State University in 2013. To date, I have undertaken many projects in a diverse array of development environments and languages. My development platform of choice is Debian GNU/Linux. Operating system development fascinates me, and I have spent many a sleep deprived night staring intently into the masses of macros and hackery that is the Linux kernel.

In my spare time I also enjoy riding my bicycle. My favorite food is cheese of any kind, but especially havarti and mozzarella.